Welcome to English Sounds Fun

The first teaching method specifically designed for students with Specific Learning Differences such as dyslexia
who are learning English as Foreign Language.

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Sunday 09 October 2016

WORKSHOP on the ENGLISH SOUNDS FUN method of teaching

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Sunday 13 November 2016

WORKSHOP on the ENGLISH SOUNDS FUN method of teaching

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About English Sounds Fun

ESF is an innovative, flexible, self-contained teaching method which introduces the sounds of English through fun, multisensory activities. Students learn how to recognize and produce the sounds, before matching them to the letters that most commonly represent them. Structured phonics work is combined with a language experience approach to literacy development, so that learners begin to read and write familiar words naturally and effortlessly.

ESF is different from other programmes in several ways:


It focuses closely on the relationships between the sounds of English and the letters used to write them


learners are encouraged to learn the many common irregular words by sight, and helped to develop memory skills to do so.



Learners access multisensory practice through the use of multimedia materials


a lot of physical, tactile activities to help learners remember the letter-sound relationships they have met.



The course is highly structured


flexible enough to use with learners aged 8-15 years old.


How can ESF be all these things at once?

It has been created by a team of people which includes dyslexic and non-dyslexic people, English language teachers and dyslexia specialists, people whose strengths are in logical, linear planning, as well as people who excel at creative design programme which – above all – is fun and motivating for learners to follow.


1) to make learning English easy so that all students can communicate confidently in their everyday lives, whether speaking or writing;

2) to support teachers of students with SpLDs by offering training workshops, explicit guidance in the lesson plans, and by providing a forum for the community to share good practice;

3) to raise awareness of specific learning differences (such as dyslexia) amongst teachers, parents and students, so that the 10% of the population who have an SpLD can be fully included in education. Check out the events at which we are presenting and / or exhibiting!

10 reasons to buy English Sounds Fun

1) it’s self contained
no need to look around for additional materials, it’s all in one place.

2) it’s highly structured
the systematic approach means that students get a good start and then develop step by step as they are ready.

3) it’s holistic
ESF sees the whole person, addresses the things they find difficult, and develops all aspects language

4) the lesson plans are a form of training
they don’t just set out the procedure, they explain the thinking behind the methodology. Teachers learn as they teach.

5) it works well for all learners
everybody can benefit from using the ESF method, not just students with specific learning differences

6) it’s innovative
ESF is a unique combination of approaches drawn from English Language Teaching and support for students with SpLDs

7) it’s great value for money
as well as the books, the package includes all the hands-on materials, the multi-media resources and membership of the on-line community. It is not just a teaching resource, it is a way for teachers to develop their professional expertise.

8) monitoring progress is built in
after each lesson the student assesses his/her own progress, and after every unit there is a progress chart to complete which shows parents and students how well they are doing.

9) it makes learning fun
students learn better when they are enjoying it

10) it makes teaching fun!
and why shouldn’t we have some fun teaching, too?


I love your book – in a time when the market is full of hastily-produced junk designed to make a quick profit and then churn out more unprincipled junk, your book not only fills a so-called gap in the so-called market but is based on a coherent set of principles – it is obviously a labour of love – for children and education- and is based on research. It looks marvelous and so attractive to use. It is not only an excellent option for dyslexic children but learners with a diverse range of learning difficulties and even learners with no difficulties because of its imaginative use of colour, shapes and practical activities aimed specifically at very young absolute beginners.


Dr Luke Prodromou (ELT author, trainer and actor)


More information about English Sounds Fun

Specifically designed for students with Specific Learning Differences such as dyslexia who are learning English as Foreign Language.

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